Your thoughts on a potential studio space in the Selly Oak district…

I’ve had contact from a key organisation in the Selly Oak district who have the wherewithal to transform their sizeable office space into a block of modern artist studios and workshop spaces. The building is modern and has a sizeable lift.
The questions I would like to ask you are as follows:
1. How much as an artist do you think is an acceptable amount of money to pay to rent a studio located in the suburbs?
2. What would you expect from such a space? Powerpoints, wi-fi, good lighting? Take this as a wish-list of sorts, in order to get a good idea of what you would want from your space.
3. If the organisation were to provide a members scheme, what would you like to be included? Further training? Access to materials? Discounts on rent? Guidance sessions and networks?
If you could please get back to me on this when you can at the email below, I would really appreciate it. Please also feel free to share this around your own networks.
The next Arts Forum Selly Oak meeting and newsletter will appear very soon.
With kind regards
James Kennedy

Minutes of Arts Forum meeting 13.02.19

Please see below the minutes of the last Arts Forum Selly Oak meeting which was held on 13th February 2019 at Artefact in Stirchley. Feel free to share around your networks, and if anyone would like to get involved and hear more, the address is

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New co-ordinator…and new home!

Me for Arts Forum resize

Hi there! My name is James Kennedy, and i’m the new Arts Forum co-ordinator for Selly Oak. I will be looking after arts provision within the Selly Oak constituency, which embraces Selly Oak/Selly Park, Stirchley, Bournville, Cotteridge, Druid’s Heath, Yardley Wood and Billesley.

I’ve lived in South Birmingham for most of my life, and since 2004 have enjoyed supporting and taking part in my city’s varied arts scenes. I organise my own open mic/showcase event, the Sunday Xpress, which currently lives at Centrala in Digbeth, and my favourite piece of cake on a Trivial Pursuit board is definitely Arts and Literature.

I am pleased to announce that Arts Forum Selly Oak has very kindly been offered a home at the Stirchley Baths Community Hub on Bournville Lane. In agreement with the Baths we will be assisting them with their plans for Birmingham Heritage Week and The Big Draw, and also we will be actively involved with the Community Cinema Club which has it’s base there.

A big mission will be to go out and see for myself what’s going on in the area and recommend it…there will be blogs, posters, videos, recommendations…A lot of you will know about them, and some of you won’t – names that spring to mind are Artefact Café (my local) , Bournville Book Festival, Creative Coffee Hub, Sense Birmingham and their home at Touch Base Pears, Friends of Cotteridge Park, Maypole Youth and Community Centre, spaces in libraries, back rooms, churches…individual artists and organisations, bands playing in pubs, noises coming from rehearsal rooms and studios…the list is varied and vast. Eventually it will all re-appear on the Creative Directory link. Spotlights on, interviews, and chances to get everybody involved…I will also be putting on Arts Forum events across the area…more of that anon…

There are loads of established and hard-working people and organisations out there who know their stuff and are doing great things within their community already… If you are one of them and want to get in touch and spread the word of what you are doing – please get in touch with me at

That’s it from  me for the moment – look out for details of the first Arts Forum Selly Oak meeting at Stirchley Baths which will be occurring very soon.

Networking Meeting Wednesday 22 May 2013

The next Arts Forum Selly Oak meeting will take place on
Wednesday 22nd May 2013 at The Hub Hazelwell in Kings Heath.
The meeting will look at the plans for 2013-14 for the Arts Forum so it would be great if you could be there to feed into ideas & priorities.
Please can you RSVP by Friday 17th May (this Friday) so that we know how many people are coming and organise some teas/coffees!




Next Networking Meeting 26th February

The meeting is taking place at Jimmy’s Cafe and Grill, Lifford Lane, Stirchley, 6.30 – 7.30pm.

This meeting will discuss the forthcoming Art Soak (23-24 March), for which we are delighted to say we have got Arts Council England and Birmingham City Council Community Chest funding.  I will circulate a finalised programme and we would like to discuss:
  • marketing 
  • volunteers
  • evaluation – what information would be useful for us to collect & how to collect it
  • link to other activity – Art Soak may be able to help connect to other activities in the District & the wider city and we would be happy to do this, please let us know about other activity taking place
The meeting shouldn’t be too long and we’d like to invite you to stay for a little while after and talk to each other to make connections for the future.


 We hope you can all make it.