Network Meeting Report (Saturday 27th February 2016) 1.30 – 4.30pm at Bournville Community Hub.

We tried something a little different for our latest meeting, making it a little less formal and more welcoming for all ages.

With a drop-in arts workshop for the kids (and interested adults) we had an informal catch-up with everyone who stopped by including a couple of new faces and some of our regulars. Sarah gave those who were interested a tour around Bournville Community Hub which is a fantastic new space and already very busy with events. Sarah is also organising Bournville Book Festival with lots of great events coming up in the area. We had a chat about the Big Hoot’s plans for the year and let people know our plans for Art SOAK in May and current success in Druids Heath with the Connecting Communities programme as well as talking about the future of the fora and No. 11 as an organisation poised to grow the fora and hopefully support more activities across the city.

The new meeting format with a drop-in activity and no agenda worked really well so we hope to do this again in the future.


Network Meeting Report (Tuesday 3rd November 2015)

For this meeting we got to have a sneak peek at the new Stirchley Baths before it opens properly later this year (more on that later). We also welcomed lots of new faces including a delegation from Sweden who made a brief appearance before whizzing off to see a show at the Rep and heard about exciting things going on in the district.

  • Our Arts Champions Ex Cathedra are looking to run some workshops in the district similar to those they did around Carmina Burana for their latest piece of work. They want to engage other wards in the district and participants will get free tickets to see the show on 7th February.
  • Laura spoke about Reel Access; they will be getting involved with the second year of Connecting Communities and their regular Young Filmmakers’ Club is still meeting weekly at mac. Laura is also on the committee for Allens Croft Children’s Centre and would like to do something for Art SOAK with them.
  • Patients at St Andrews will be doing some sound and mindfulness workshops linking their recovery with the story of Stirchley Baths; the second part of the project will see wider community involvement and an exhibition at the baths when it opens. They also have their Little Hoot sitting proudly back in reception!
  • Sarah has been awarded ACE funding to scale up the Bournville Children’s Book Festival so will still be concentrating work in the area but hopes to have lots of new satelite venues as well. There is also a lot of local support for the new Bournville Community Hub which is hosting classes in languages, music and art and even has a community kitchen.
  • Untied Artists are currently booking a second tour for their brilliant show ‘The Boy Who Bit Picasso’ which focusses on play and creativity and gets young audiences to make some art that contributes to an online gallery. They are also interested in linking up with some children’s authors through Sarah to create a piece of theatre for pre-school children, involving them in the process of making it.
  • Next year will be the 20th Cocomad Festival and Emma and the other organisers want to get as many people involved as possible as well as arts events throughout the year that will feed into the main event. They have built up crowds of around 5000 and have things going on all over the park and everything is free. They are having a meeting on 8th November from 7.30pm at the Cadbury Club where people will be invited to submit ideas.
  • PRODH and the users of Manningford Hall have had a very creative year; finishing up the first year of Connecting Communities with the photography exhibition they then had a visit from Birmingham Opera Company and have recently been making jewellery with the JUNK to Gold Culture on Your Doorstep project which has been a wonderful opportunity for people to share stories. They are excited in getting started on Some Cities next project looking at local history with them as well as work with Reel Access for the second year of Connecting Communities.
  • Birmingham Opera Company will be getting involved in the opening event for Stirchley Baths and are looking to get involved with a variety of community groups in the district, particularly those who wouldn’t usually want to sing. Email to see what opportunities they have for you to take part.

We gave a quick update on the forum; we are currently raring to go with activities in Druids Heath for the second round of Connecting Communities and are starting to put together a bid for next years’ Art SOAK which will now happen in May – all ideas are welcome! We are also going to try something different for our next meeting, holding an activity that people can get involved in with their children and trying a weekend rather than weekday evening. Watch this space for more information.


Last but definitely not least we heard from Karen and Kate about the new Stirchley Baths:

When they got the money to develop the site they knew that it needed to work in the 21st Century and that it wouldn’t be viable to keep it as a swimming baths. The community involvement in the whole project has also been really important; people need to see it as their building and after 12 months of being run by BCC they will be asset transferring to Stirchley  Community Group.

The activities that happen will also be dictated by the groups and individuals that use the space rather than by the Council. As well as the heritage events – such as the tea dance – which they have funding for lasting three years they also want to have a strong arts and culture offer as well as wellbeing and learning. We were taken on a tour of the space which is fantastic and presents opportunities for events and conferences (even weddings), a community cinema club, gallery space, rooms for small businesses and freelancers to be based from and a cafe which will be run by Change Kitchen.

IMG_4249 IMG_4251 IMG_4259

There will be a community evening preview on 25th November 6.30-8.30pm and the baths will open officially on January 14th 2016. 

Many thanks to Kate and Karen for letting us use the Baths for our meeting, giving us a guided tour of the amazing new facilities and telling us all about the plans for it’s future. We’re very excited to see it open and make the most of the fantastic new resource on our doorstep!

Networking Meeting Report (Thursday 16th July 2015)

Before the meeting we joined P Café’s artists in residence Sarah and Ollie to try some distressing techniques on old celluloid film with some really interesting results…

film1 film2

We were due to hear from Kate Andrews about the Stirchley Baths project but Kate had to send her apologies and forwarded us a document with the planned activities in her place.

We heard updates from our members:

  • Laura showed us photos of the Reel Access owl for The Big Hoot which will be on display in Ward End Park, it looks amazing! There is an app available to download and trail for people to visit all the owls. Reel Access are still running the Young Filmmakers Club at mac and if any 11-16 year olds want to take part they should get in touch.
  • Marcela also showed us photos of the owl designed and painted by St Andrews patients which will be taking pride of place at Birmingham Museum and art Gallery. Patients will also be doing a sound project for the baths opening this autumn.
  • Helen and the Culture Commissioning Service have been focussing on a project with the High Sheriff of Birmingham to launch their creative futures strategy at his garden party on the terrace of the Library of Birmingham. They have also submitted the bid for year 2 of Connecting Communities and have found some additional money for the Arts Forums to begin doing some research.
  • Emma is working towards opening her own gallery and is building up by doing craft stalls and workshops wherever she can.
  • Barry was here to represent the Bournville Lunchtime Concerts, the last one of which is this coming Friday as well as SO Vocal choir who are ever-growing and looking for a bigger rehearsal venue!
  • Brendan is running P Café with his brother Kieran; they wanted to create a really accessible space and engage artists to create interesting work so that people get to experience new things. At the moment they have two artists in residence and have run some very successful workshops and spoken word nights.
  • Myriam was representing Ex Cathedra, one of our Arts Champions; they have been doing some great workshops around Carmina Burana and are hoping to plan some more around future projects across the district, also inviting participants along to see their shows. They will also be organising a flashmob as part of the Birmingham Weekender so keep your eyes out for them!

Culture on Your Doorstep bids are all in and the successful applications have been decided on so people will find out any day now whether they’ve got the money they applied for, we are hoping there will be some more exciting things happening in the district as a result of this. The Next Generation funding is still open for applications, closing date is 3rd August.

We briefly discussed the draft proposal for Arts Forum activities for the coming year and invited members to get in touch if there were any projects they wanted to work with us on or to apply for funding to do together. We decided the 19th-20th March would be the best weekend for Art SOAK although it is the same weekend as Bournville Book Festival as it did not clash with Easter weekend.
We would like to thank P Café for hosting us, what a fantastic venue to have in the heart of Stirchley!

Networking Meeting Report (Tuesday 3rd March 2015)

We started this meeting with an amazing performance from Jill Dowse, one of the artists we commissioned for Art SOAK last year. The show she started work on last year, Chocolate! The Cabaret has just finished a week of R&D and will hopefully be touring in the autumn. Thanks Jill!

We spoke briefly about plans for Art SOAK and members agreed to help us with marketing and volunteered their time to help out on the day. We also spoke about the Connecting Communities project which we have now finished working on in Druids Heath and which will culminate in a symposium next Friday, 13th March.

Helen also gave us an update on the season of Local Arts this year which aims to celebrate the diverse range of arts activities that people participate in across the city at every level.

We then heard some updates from members:

  • Our Arts Champions ExCathedra are looking to do some work in hospitals or care homes in the area, particular with stroke patients and had a few good suggestions as to where to start with this. Birmingham Opera Company have already done a bit of work in the district including a workshop at St Andrews, they are going to be working with The Leaveners, a Quaker arts organisation doing some workshops on pacifism based on the work of Michael Tippet who wrote The Ice Break. They are looking for more organisations to work with and will also be able to offer tickets to the public dress rehearsal of The Ice Break for people who take part.
  • Laura Breakwell will be running a workshop as part of Art SOAK and also gave an update on some of the projects being done by Reel Access who have just moved back to the city centre.
  • Stitches and Hos are running an Easter egg hunt in the city centre on 31st March and also have exciting plans to open a pop-up shop in the near future.
  • The Bournville Lunchtime Concerts continue on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at the Quaker Meeting House. SO Vocal are also still rehearsing and now have a waiting list for new members because they are so popular! Barry also let us know about some regular film nights that have started up at Cotteridge meeting house on the theme of justice and peace as well as several traditional dancing groups who practice all over the district.
  • Marcela and Sara at St Andrews are excited about the owl they will be decorating for the Big Hoot project; it will be part of a trail in town before eventually being returned to them to display on site, they have promised to send us some photos when it’s done. They received some really good feedback about the workshop with Birmingham Opera Company and even found a trained opera singer amongst their patients! They are also going to Silverstone next week as they have been nominated for a National Service User Award.
  • Karen introduced the group to PRODH (The Project for the Redevelopment of Druids Heath) who have recently been working with Some Cities on the Connecting Communities work and are really keen to carry on engaging with the forum and organise more events for Druids Heath. They will hopefully be working with BOC in the near future.

We would like to thank St Andrews for hosting us in one of their lovely meeting rooms; top class facilities!

Networking Meeting Report (Wednesday 17th September 2014)

We gave an update on the Connecting Communities project which we are running in Druids Heath between October and February. Some Cities will be delivering a series of photography workshops targeted at specific groups in the area; the first steering group meeting has happened and the project is slowly starting to come together. The group were asked if anyone knew people who might want to volunteer to please pass on their details.

We briefly explained that we are planning a scaled-back Art SOAK for next March (20th-22nd) which so far will include a performance by the Birmingham Rep, probably at Stirchley Community Church on the Friday evening and a day of workshops at the Hub Hazelwell on the Sunday. We welcomed any suggestions for events to include – at minimum budget – and had the following from those present at the meeting:

  • Helen mentioned that Roxie had some ideas and would be in touch about how she could contribute.
  • Tom suggested expanding the scope of the walks started by a Stirchley Haps Kickstarter project.
  • Laura said she might be able to organise some craft workshops at Allens Croft Children’s Centre.
  • Birmingham Opera Company said they could probably get a pianist and singer to perform somewhere.
  • Marcela could curate another exhibition by St Andrews patients for Stirchley Library.

Lynn was visiting the forum to outline her ideas for a festival to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Birmingham Worcester canal, part of which passes through the district and part of which passes through Kings Norton Park where Lynn is on the Friends committee. The festival will be 10th-12th July 2015 and plans are to have open boats, a market and community events including spaces to show films, theatre or music as well as a bell ring along the canal. Lynn heard suggestions from Tom about potential walks and a repeat of the Slow Commute Home from last year’s Art SOAK and is open to other ideas for the festival.

Friends of the Earth visited to talk about their latest campaign to persuade the council to redirect funds spent on roads into improving cycle infrastructure.

Members of the forum shared news about their organisations and upcoming events:

  • Birmingham Opera Company are looking for groups who want them to come and do a residency, looking at conflict, identity and cohesion. They need to be able to measure the social impact of their work. They have a Young People’s Taster Day at Rogue Play’s space in Digbeth on 11th October 3-5pm and are also starting some activities at Yardley Wood Library over the coming months.
  • Reel Access have worked with St Andrews again and are considering a partnership on some research into film therapy. They are also looking at creating a PPA package for schools on media literacy and are leading on the Hodge Hill Connecting Communities project which will be working in Heartlands Hospital.
  • Stirchley Happenings have plans for two more films this year, the first of which will probably be the Invisible Man for Halloween at the British Oak followed by a Christmas film. As well as planning a walking festival they have also found a new home for the market in the car park around and underneath the bowling alley in Stirchley; it will happen the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Marcela ran a very popular workshop at the Stirchley Late Summer Bash for the Arts Forum recently. In her work at St Andrews she is helping plan a project for the new Stirchley Community Centre examining service users’ experiences of going through the system.
  • Barry spoke about the lunchtime concerts which are still going strong on the first and third Fridays of every month at the Meeting House in Bournville. SO Vocal are also still running, they are currently unsure what is happening with funding and management but they will be performing at one of the Symphony Hall’s Christmas Concerts this year.
  • Helen is currently hoping to be making an installation for the Longbridge Light Festival at the end of October.

Tom walked us around Ingot Studios where the meeting was held to explain his plans to turn it into a collaborative community arts space. He originally took it on as a solo space and has been using it with some friends since February 2013, he has now almost completed all the legal stuff in order for spaces in the studio to be available from November this year. Each ‘art pen’ will be £65 a month and people will also be able to use all the communal spaces if they need more room to work; the space is very open-plan and encourages a collaborative style of working. Plans going forward are to use the centre space for open workshops where people can bring projects they have been working on at home in order to use the tools and space and even to use it as an experimental performance space.

Sabra spoke briefly about the Chamberlain Awards which are internal Council awards for which all the Arts Forums have been nominated.

Sabra will also be going on maternity leave from November and so Catherine will be leading on Arts Forum planning and activities including for Art SOAK 2015.

Networking Meeting Report (Thursday 10th July 2014)

Members of the forum shared news about their organisations and upcoming events:

  • Richard introduced Birmingham Opera Company, one of the new Arts Champions for the District and spoke about ‘Ice Break’ the major project they are running next spring that will use opera to look at cultural identity and how that has changed over the past 30 years. He said that Birmingham Opera Company hope to work alongside Ex Cathedra, the other Arts Champion for the district to deliver a series of workshops that respond to what people want in terms of cultural activity; not just singing.
  • Barry spoke about the continuing success of the Bournville Lunchtime Concerts which take place at the Quaker Meeting House on the green on the first and third Fridays of each month.
  • We heard about the ongoing work of St Andrews healthcare unit in trying to raise awareness about mental health in the community and reduce the stigma mental health problems can hold through the therapeutic use of the arts.
  • Karen, the District Head for Selly Oak gave us an update on the Stirchley Baths redevelopment, made possible by funding from Tesco and Heritage Lottery who are also funding a Heritage Officer post to be appointed shortly and continue for at least two years after opening. The project is due to be completed next summer and there are already some activities planned for when the new community hub opens.
  • Finally, Anne who is an Artist in Residence at the University of Birmingham talked about her outreach work aimed at engaging the wider community with Winterbourne House and gardens including a series of successful adult and family workshops and efforts to work with priority neighbourhoods as well as the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.

If people want to submit events that are happening in the district to Birmingham City Council can help publicise them via their mailing list.

We briefly outlined plans for the forum for 2014-15:

  • The Connecting Communities event which will culminate in some activities in the autumn.
  • Some autumn / winter workshops in other areas in the district.
  • Planning for Art SOAK 2015.
  • Setting up a steering group for the forum with representatives from each ward.
  • Planning some activity to link to the new hub at the Stirchley Baths site.

We explained the Connecting Communities project and the work that has been done on it so far:

We have met with several groups active on the Druids Heath estate to find out what activity people want to see more of in the district and what events we could plan that would encourage more arts engagement in the area. There are two options that have been proposed and presented to the group for their feedback:

  1. A trail of arts events that will link the different organisations and groups across the estate.
  2. A photography project delivered by Some Cities where people could share their photographs and stories and build connections.

The general consensus from those present was that the first option; a trail of activities across the estate would be more appropriate as it has the potential to engage more people and start the conversations that will help people build connections within their community.

Some key points that came from this discussion were:

  • The possibility of using the arts activity to introduce mental health issues and de-stigmatise the problems that are faced by a lot of people on the estate; possibly signposting people to mental health services and at the very least offering people the chance to express their feelings.
  • Timetabling any events to coincide with school holidays and weekends to ensure maximum possible engagement.
  • Working with local organisations to ensure the money invested in the project stays locally rather than being given to external groups who will deliver an activity and then leave again; improving sustainability by investing in existing provision.
  • Providing participants something to take away with them as a record of what they have done; something they can show people and be proud of.
  • The importance of providing high-quality events and activities.

Further consultation will take place with local youth and community groups and feedback is welcomed on the proposals before one is chosen and submitted to the Council for consideration. It is hoped that the project will be driven by a steering group of local community leaders who will invest in the planning and delivery of activity and help to engage local people.

Many thanks to Bells Farm Community Centre for hosting our meeting in their beautiful Oak Room.

Networking Meeting Report (Wednesday 26th February 2014)

Thanks to Stirchley Community Church for hosting our latest networking meeting and to everyone who made it down.

We discussed the Art SOAK programme for 2014 which is now available both online and in print which is out and about around the area. We asked those present to help promote the programme and we are also hoping to generate some press, particularly around the Seed Commission as well as creating some blog posts to go on the website about different events that will be taking place as part of Art SOAK.

We also asked for any volunteers to help us over Art SOAK weekend, as well as in the run-up to the event with some promotion work. As well as volunteers needed to help steward events Barbara Nice is looking for local talent to take part in her Jamboree which will be the finale of Art SOAK 2014.

Forum members shared their own news and upcoming events including:

  • St Andrews will be doing some artwork for the new Community Centre Development on the site of the old baths and are always looking for ways to get involved in local community activities with their patients.
  • Stirchley Happenings are involved in three Art SOAK events; they have organised The Slow Commute Home on Friday 14th, Tom’s project Thissen Thatten will be on Sunday 16th and he has also donated his studio space on Charlotte Road for our commissions ‘Under Construction’ on Saturday 15th. (As a side note, Tom has managed to secure the lease on the workshop for at least three years and will be looking for people who wish to rent studio space from April.)
  • Untied Artists have their award winning show ‘For Their Own Good’ coming to mac this week (Thursday 6th March) before it continues its national tour.
  • Walkers Heath Park have attracted a lot of funding this year that has enabled them to improve the space and develop community involvement in the area. They are working with Rogue Play in the Summer and want to programme more activity for the newly built amphitheatre as well as developing art walks and providing free physical activity as part of the Active Parks scheme.
  • The Busy Parents Network have organised the Bournville Children’s Book Festival on Saturday 8th March which features some exciting events.
  • Bournville Lunchtime Concerts happen every other Friday at the Friends’ Meeting House in Bournville showcasing the talents of both professional and non-professional musicians.
  • Local schools are in rehearsals for the 112th annual Maypole celebrations which will take place on the Bournville Sports Grounds.
  • Finally Birmingham City Council are organising an event at the Library of Birmingham on Tuesday 18th March to celebrate the work of the local Arts Fora and the Arts Champions. ‘Cultivating Culture’ will feature some speakers and breakout sessions where people will have the opportunity to reflect on the scheme as well as performances including am appearance from SO Vocal, the choir started by Selly Oak Arts Champions, CBSO.

As well as all the hard work that is underway in preparing for Art SOAK this year we have also found the time to produce a newsletter. The first edition has gone out to our mailing list but we are hoping for future editions to get funding to be able to issue it in print as well. Forum members were asked to submit any stories for the next newsletter to and if anyone wants to join the mailing list for the newsletter they should also get in touch with us here.

We briefly discussed plans for the coming year after Art SOAK weekend including the possibility of another Christmas workshop, continuing our relationship with Lifford Business Association who are very supportive of arts events that attract people to their local high street and the potential for getting separate funding to work with local artist Fran Millican-Slater. Barry suggested the Masefield Estate as a possible location of future work and Tom suggested the Roadhouse who have been supportive of Stirchley Happenings and have a large community of customers.

Our Arts Champions will also be changing this year; we say goodbye to CBSO whose legacy will continue in the SO Vocal choir which now has nearly 150 participants and we welcome Birmingham Opera Company and Ex Cathedra who we look forward to working with on lots of exciting projects over the next few years.

Networking Meeting Report (Wednesday 23rd October 2013)

Thanks to Rowheath Pavilion for hosting the latest Arts Forum Selly Oak meeting on Wednesday 23rd October, it was great to see so many people there including lots of new faces.

We discussed a partnership brokered between Moving Hands Theatre and two schools in the district (Billesley School and Allens Croft School) and also announced plans to programme a jewellery workshop as a potential pre-Christmas activity. 

Forum members shared their news and forthcoming events including:

  • 17 November  Bournville Young Singers performing at Botanical Gardens – there will also be a craft fayre
  • 30 November Bournville Young Singers performing at Sainsburys Selly Oak (fundraiser)
  • 7 December Bournville Young Singers performing at Ladywood ARK
  • 15 December Bournville Young Singers performing their Christmas Concert at Cotteridge Church at 7pm (
  • Friday 6th December – Christmas Lights Switch On in Stirchley – including a performance by SO Vocal
  • Tuesday 3rd December – Stirchley Community Market at the British Oak
  • Friday 15 November & Friday 13 December, Bournville Lunchtime Concerts at Friends Meeting House, Linden Road.  Viola concert (free, donations welcome) 
  • All four weekends in December leading up to Christmas will be weekends of activity in empty shops on the High Street areas covered by Lifford Business Association (  LBA are looking for work to programme in the pop up shops, in particular performances in the evenings but also workshops and other activity that might be suitable.  They are also looking for independent artists who might want to sell work as gifts in the shops. 
  • Phoenix Singers shared information about a Beginners singing course, which starts on 13 November for 6 weeks and takes place at Rowheath Pavilion 6 – 7pm (£25.00 for 6 weeks).   Information from 

Plans for Art SOAK 2014 were discussed by the forum, in particular the plans to get some artists involved with the Lapal Canal restoration to generate some local interest in the project.  Tom Cahill Jones of Stirchley Happenings has some exciting ideas for a ‘Slow Commute Home’ in a barge from the city centre as well as building some portable viewing platforms. If anyone has any other ideas for Art SOAK or any work they would like to try out, as well as any local businesses who would like to get involved, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Finally we are still trying to complete an audit of the arts organisations, venues and artists working in the area for submission to the council. If there is anyone who still hasn’t filled this in please follow this link and do so asap.

Networking Meeting Report (Tuesday 26th February 2013)

Our Networking Meeting took place last Tuesday 26th February.   We would like to thank Jimmy’s Cafe & Grill in Stirchley for hosting the meeting – do take a look at their website and menu.  Jimmy is keen to be involved in local community events and would welcome any approaches!

We were delighted to welcome the Lifford Business Association and Samina Jolly of First Position Dance to the forum for the first time and thank them for talking to us about their work and organisations.  Other newcomers were also welcomed including Laura Breakwell from Reel Access, independent artists Claire Hickey & Sarah Silverwood and Craig Smith from Friends of Walkers Heath Park.


The forum was delighted to share information about the forthcoming Art SOAK and we discussed marketing, volunteer recruitment and evaluation of the festival – and it was particularly helpful to learn from the experience of Emma Larkinson from Place Prospectors who produced last month’s Love Stirchley Festival.

Please look out for announcements here, on Twitter and on Facebook for the next meeting.

November Meeting-Report & Progress

The Forum had a successful meet up in  November 2012 to talk about Art Soak and generally get conversations going about artistic activity in the District.  The turn out included St Andrews Healthcare, Balfour Beatty, Friends of Cotteridge Park, Stirchley Happenings, Place Prospectors, Needless Allies, Edgbaston Arts Forum and some great independent artists who live in the area amongst others and we were delighted to welcome Councillor Karen McCarthy.   Thank you also to BCC Culture Officer – Ginnie Wollaston – and Ward Support Officer- Karen Stevens – for their attendance and support.

We invited ideas for Art Soak 2013 and this is what came back from the meeting:

  • Pinhole Camera Workshop
  • Writing workshops locally – for emerging writers
  • Aerial work in local park (by Rogue Play?)
  • Rambling walk locally like the B30 walk last year
  • Art Shed – by Tom Cahill Jones – to be put on Hunts Road
  • Film evening – curated? short films? Feature film?
  • Art Display by St Andrews Healthcare residents
  • Kids Writing Club (workshop?)
  • Art workshop for children

Progress since the meeting….

  • We are currently exploring funding for the Arts SOAK – some of these would be dependent on funding and some not so much.  Any funding ideas greatly welcomed!
  • Friends of Cotteridge Park and John Morse Brown moving ideas forward for Pinhole camera workshops – a project that might involve Art Soak and Cocomad.
  • Rogue Play performances are not available in March – this area of work (aerial/circus) is incredibly specialist and we are very open to other ideas.  In the meantime we have checked the availability of Being Frank’s ‘Raging Skulls’ short dance piece suitable for outdoors –  Subject to funding this might be a piece that may be suitable for Cotteridge Park and Walkers Heath Park.
  • We have brokered a conversation between Needless Allies and Balfour Beatty to submit a proposal for a development of the work they were commissioned by Place Prospectors ‘Stirchley from the top deck’ on the route between the Selly Oak Hospital Site and the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
  • Argy Bhaji’s ‘Holding Space’ commission in partnership with Women & Theatre to be performed at the Art SOAK goes into research in January.  We are exploring the potential to present it in Northfield as part of Arts March or in Birmingham City Centre  at the Markets….

Ideas for the Art SOAK are still very welcome – and in particular if you are an artist or organisation that has a piece of work ready to go and looking for somewhere to place it, or have a work in progress you would like to try out, get in touch

Networking  Meeting 8th November 2012

A networking meeting for artists, arts organisations, other organisations and anyone generally wanting to get involved in the arts in this area is on Thursday 8th November at Leverton & Halls Cafe on Mary Vale Road from 6.30 – 8pm.  Leverton & Halls are staying open late for us and will be delighted I’m sure if you fancied buying a coffee or cake!

If you are interested in reading about past discussions that we have had at Art Forum meetings, then you can browse through our minutes here:

February 2012 – held at the Brandwood Centre

Arts Forum Selly Oak minutes from 29th February 2012 to be uploaded…

January 2012 meeting – held at the Hub Hazelwell

Arts Forum Selly Oak minutes 26th Jan 2012

November 2011 meeting – held at Birmingham Bike Foundry

Arts Forum Selly Oak minutes from 24th November 2011 to be uploaded…

October 2011 meeting – held at Warstock Community Centre

Art Forum Selly Oak Minutes 6th October 2011

May 2011 meeting – held at Stirchley Community Church

Arts Forum Selly Oak minutes 4th May 2011

March 2011 meeting – held at Selly Oak Constituency Office

Arts Forum Selly Oak minutes – 29th March 2011

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