Selly Oak Constituency Arts Forum is network of artists, arts organisations and community organisations who share a common interest in developing arts activities in their local area. The forum acts as a contact point for artists/organisations working in the constituency, and provides opportunities for artists/organisations to meet, share experiences and knowledge, and form partnerships.

The Forum embraces the widest definition of the arts: photography, drawing, painting, graphic design, illustration, film making, animation, music, dance, drama, crafts, architecture/ urban design, fashion design, ceramics, sculpture, environmental art, literature, spoken word, storytelling, jewelers…. and the list goes on.

The Forum covers Selly Oak Constituency, which includes Selly Oak, Cotteridge, Heighters Heath, Stirchley, Brandwood, Allens Croft, Billesley, Warstock, Bournville… – see the map below (click on the link to download a larger map). Forum members either work or live within Selly Oak constituency.

Selly Oak Neighbourhood Map

Selly Oak Constituency – Natural Neighbourhoods Map (2005)

Ten ‘local’ Arts Forums have been set up across Birmingham, one in each constituency. Each has a lead organisation, who will coordinate forum meetings and activities, helping creative people to help each other. Argy Bhaji Arts are the lead organisation for Selly Oak District Arts Forum.

Each constituency also has a major arts organisation assigned to work in their area, called an ‘Arts Champion’. Selly Oak’s Arts Champions are Birmingham Opera Company and Ex Cathedra Representatives of both organisations contribute to Selly Oak Constituency Arts Forum.

The Forum is also attended by representatives of Birmingham City Council – from both a local level (Selly Oak Constituency) and from the central Culture Commissioning Service, who support arts organisations and activities across the city.

Most importantly, the Forum is made up of local artists, creative residents, creative businesses and artistic organisations who want to see more art happening in their area.

The lead organisation will also survey the constituency to find out what arts activity is happening locally, analysing where there is a lot of artistic activity, and where there is potential for more to happen. This information is then shared with the Council, who are responsible for developing an Arts Plan, which helps them have a clearer picture of our collective creative output as an area, as well as understanding how the arts can help communities prosper, and bring people together.

Arts Council logo

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