Selly Oak Trust School campaign day event for Echo Eternal commemorative arts project.

Please see below some additional information regarding Selly Oak Trust School’s campaign day event as part of Echo Eternal, a commemorative arts, media and civic engagement project which will be broadcast online on Monday 25th September at 4pm. 

Selly Oak Trust School, a Specialist Science College for students with Special Educational Needs, is leading one of the campaign days for Echo Eternal, a dynamic commemorative arts, media and civic engagement project for children and young people, inspired by the testimony of survivors of the Holocaust.

I visited the School before the Christmas holiday, and I was delighted to see the fantastic arts provision on offer to its students, who in turn are able to produce an incredibly high level of art across a range of disciplines. 

Due to ongoing restrictions, the project will be shared as a virtual celebration, as part of the Echo Eternal Horizons Festival 2021 sharing Holocaust Memorial Day’s theme of ‘Be the light in the darkness.’ Selly Oak Trust School’s response has been to deliver a short film alongside a soundtrack in the form of the minimalist drone genre, in this case a series of sustained notes arranged and played by the pupils. This work forms part of a pledge from the school to continue to share the testimony of their Holocaust Survivor Susie Lind and in her name shine a light on the good work of the neighbouring Acorns Hospice.

Those of you who enjoyed the School’s excellent virtual advert calendar that I shared before the holiday will be pleased to know that the ‘virtual artwork’ will also involve photography and sculpture, as well as music and film disciplines.

The film will be shared at 4pm on Monday 25 January via the front page and will stay on its own dedicated page all year.

The Festival started on the 7th January and you can catch up on the daily content and watch upcoming events via the projects microsite. Other highlights include the Horizons21 collaborative film which Selly Oak’s pledge features in and the online exhibition which will be published on the 27th January to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day and will feature art work from Selly Oak students.

If you have been inspired to create your own pledge you’ll be able to add these to the website. You can also use Echo Eternal’s social media sites to share your thoughts, responses and pledges if you wish @echoeternal112

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