Your thoughts on a potential studio space in the Selly Oak district…

I’ve had contact from a key organisation in the Selly Oak district who have the wherewithal to transform their sizeable office space into a block of modern artist studios and workshop spaces. The building is modern and has a sizeable lift.
The questions I would like to ask you are as follows:
1. How much as an artist do you think is an acceptable amount of money to pay to rent a studio located in the suburbs?
2. What would you expect from such a space? Powerpoints, wi-fi, good lighting? Take this as a wish-list of sorts, in order to get a good idea of what you would want from your space.
3. If the organisation were to provide a members scheme, what would you like to be included? Further training? Access to materials? Discounts on rent? Guidance sessions and networks?
If you could please get back to me on this when you can at the email below, I would really appreciate it. Please also feel free to share this around your own networks.
The next Arts Forum Selly Oak meeting and newsletter will appear very soon.
With kind regards
James Kennedy

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