Roxie Collins – Relish What You Have Achieved

P Cafe, 28th September- 22nd October 2016.

From September to the end of October visual artist Roxie Collins presents a series of workshops and sessions at P Cafe in association with Stirchley Happenings.

Friday 30th September: Relish What You Have Achieved. A private view of Roxie Collins’ new series of work. 18:00- 22:00.

The exhibition will also be kicked off with a Macmillan coffee morning (with mostly vegan delights) running on Friday 30th September from 11:00 – 14:30, children are very welcome.

Saturday 8th October: Synthesiser Workshop. 18:00- 21:00

Saturday 15th October: ‘SSSH’ (Saturday Stirchley Sonic Haven). A evening listening of an ambient, synthesizer album. BYOYM… Bring Your Own Yoga Mat. If you do not have one, soft furnishings shall be provided for any length of reclining.



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