Art SOAK 2015 Guest Blog: Rob Foster: Stirchley Sketch Crawl

Saturday 21st March, from 11am, Meeting at Bournville Station (B30 1LG)

Free event; suitable for all ages but participants will be walking around the area unsupervised so children must be accompanied and make sure you dress for the weather!



Before the day we make a poster and map available outlining the timings and meeting points for the day as well as a contact number.

We start the crawl at 11:00 at the given point (this time Bournville Station) and after shaking hands and introductions people proceed along the provided route (or their own route if they wish, nothing is compulsory) and draw, paint, sketch or just chat until the mid-point meet-up.

9 10

We stop for a break, usually in a café, pub or eatery of some kind so people can have a bite to eat and a drink and maybe warm up a little at this time of year! We also share some of our mornings’ work (if you wish, no pressure) and see what each other have been sketching.


After the mid-point meet-up some people go home but most carry on along the route, sketching until the final meet-up, also usually in a pub or café; more showing of works and chatting about the day until people are tired and head home.

Following on from the day people can post their work on the Facebook, Flickr and Blog pages where we also share photos from the day as well.

7 2

Stirchley Sketch Crawl Map

Now you know a bit more about a typical Sketch Crawl we hope to see you on the 21st, please get in touch if you have any questions.

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