Art SOAK 2015 Guest Blog: Emma Perry, Pop-Art Portrait Workshop

Saturday 21st March, 2-5pm at The Hub Hazelwell, (318 Vicarage Road, B14 7NH)

Pay-what-you-can, drop-in workshop that is suitable for families.

This workshop will be looking into the fun art movement that came about in the mid 50’s that is called is Pop Art. It is all about bright colours and bold lines – picture comic strips! We will be looking at the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein for inspiration.

The outcome of the workshop will to be to create either a portrait or a 3D model.

We will be using card, paint, print, collage and our creativity to make a portrait. This could either be a self-portrait, or of someone you know. Think BOLD and block colours to define the features of the faces. This can even be styled like Roy Lichtenstein’s work and resemble a comic book strip.

For the 3D models, we will be using Andy Warhol’s Brillo Pads for inspiration. Aiming to make the items as simplistic and non-functional as possible! For example you could make a giant version of your favourite mug, or shoe.

Emma Perry is a Midlands based artist who is interested in exploring colour in space through different mediums. She has recently set up Black Sheep Studio and Art Gallery which provides a service for local artists & crafts people to display and sell their products online and at craft stalls, as well as providing different workshops and events run by the artists they represent.


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