A Q&A with Barbara Nice

We were lucky enough to be allowed a few minutes with our favourite housewife as she prepares to bring her Jamboree to Art SOAK tomorrow.  We think we can all learn something from her answers.  

What inspires you?

I feel inspired when I see performers who really engage an audience and who have spent time thinking about what they are doing, put work into it and have content that is uplifting for the audience.

What’s the most important thing for a new act to think about?

A new act has a lot to think about. Its important to be open and analytical -working out what worked and why and conversely what didn’t work and why.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve done in the name of comedy?

I’ve done a lot of silly things – I ate whole chilies on stage, I’ve gone down stairs on a tea tray and called down aliens with a cat clock.

If you were a super hero what colour would your cape be?

I would have an animal print cape.

What’s so great about the Jamboree anyway?

The Jamboree is a great night out with a mixed and varied line up with something for everyone. It’s friendly and brings back the old days of cabaret with a contemporary twist.



Join Barbara tomorrow together with a whole host of other acts including Jonny Sorrow and Stitches & Hos at The Red Lion, Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14.  Book tickets on http://www.oxboffice.com.  We are sorry but this event has limited mobility access, please contact artsforumsellyoak@gmail.com to discuss your access needs. 



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