Art SOAK 2014 Guest Blog: Reel Access: The Six Word Story Sunshine Ship

In the latest of our guest blogs the guys from community filmmaking organisation Reel Access talk about the concept of their Six Word Story Sunshine Ship which will be on the Mobile Unit at the Maypole 10am-4pm this Saturday, 15th March.


Visitors to the Ark SOAK event will be asked to join Reel Access on The Six Word Story Sunshine Starship. They will be asked to write six things that make them happy about where they live, on a meteor and add it to our asteroid belt. They can then summarise this into a six word story based on the idea of Ernest Hemingway’s six word poem – ‘For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn’.  These stories can then be rendered either as a photographs using our space style ‘seaside peep-through’ boards, or a short stop motion animation.


Reel Access will provide a variety of resources and expertise for the participants to create their work, which will then be put together as one piece so that as the project goes on and nears the twelfth day there is a collection of stories on the screen in the unit. Reel Access believes that the six word story approach is a fantastic way to give participants to think creatively about their local area and their relationship to it.



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