Art SOAK 2014 Guest Blog: Sarah Bennett: Photographer

Sarah volunteered as an events photographer for Art SOAK last year and we’re delighted to have her back this year in a paid role. She took some wonderful photos for us and here she talks a little bit about the photography she is interested in and what she has been up to this year.



Last year I volunteered to photograph Art SOAK, after seeing a call for photographers on Twitter. I had been into photography for quite a few years but it was my first time photographing an event like it. It was a lot of fun to photograph and it felt good being part of something so positive and local to me. I learnt a lot from the weekend photographing quite a few different things and I was thrilled that Sabra and others involved in Art SOAK were pleased with the photographs I gave them.


Since then I’ve moved away from Bournville to university in Hertfordshire where I’m studying photography, but having been invited to photograph Art SOAK this year, and this time as a paid photographer, I can’t wait to come back and do it again.


I’ve been doing a lot of different sorts of photography so far this year; architectural, portraiture, still life, as well as some video, all of which I’ve loved, but events are definitely one of my favourite things to photograph because of the reaction you get from the people you’re photographing for. I also photograph roller derby bouts, and how pleased the people involved are when I give them the photographs always makes me proud and reminds me why I love documenting events for people. This is exactly what I’m hoping to achieve with my photographs of Art SOAK again this year, especially with everything I’ve learnt about photography since Art SOAK 2013.



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