Fun Run and more in Walkers Heath Park

We received this email from Leanne Youngson that we thought we should share:

“This short email is really just to say that two exciting FREE events are happening soon in Walkers Heath Park. The first takes place on Sunday 29th April 11am – 2pm (Kings Norton Fun Run) and the second one on Saturday 19th May 12 – 4pm (Walkers Heath Park Community Consultation and Games). These events aim to get local people using and enjoying the park again and asking them to share their vision/hopes for the park so that we – the Friends of Walkers Heath Park – can work with and for them towards meeting those goals. We aim to make Walkers Heath Park a thriving community resource again that people want to use.

Please do take a few minutes to look at the Friends of Walkers Heath Park Newsletter and the Fun Run poster.
All Fun Run forms can be downloaded from the site that we have set up for these two exciting events:
For further information…to make a contribution or to volunteer…please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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