Jazz at the British Oak pub, Stirchley

I was just in Stirchley Library and someone was putting up posters for this event at the British Oak. Back in the day, Rowheath Pavilion and the Three Horseshoes pub used to be venues for the regional Oxfam Stomp annual jazz meltdown, and nowadays this area still seems to be a thriving place for its jazz scene – Tuesday nights at Bournville Social Club (Bournville Lane), on Monday nights at TASCOS’ club (Hazelwell Lane), and the BBC Big Band upstairs too some Sundays. Kinda Dukish, playing at the British Oak on Thursday 10th November have played at TASCOs and British Oak previously. This 16 piece big band will be playing the tunes of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. Should be a good night! Also see here for listing. NB the annual Oxfam Stomp I believe is in its 40 something’th year, and hopefully will be happening the first Friday of January 2012 (as it does every year) upstairs at the New Billesley pub, Brook Lane.


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